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Benchmark Studies (criterion-related validation research)

The idea behind this type of study is creating ideal applicant‘s profile on a basis of statistical analysis of the data of best employees and least successful ones on a given job position.

Steps of the project:

  • Identify a large sample of current incumbents
  • Administer the assessments to the incumbent sample
  • Collect performance data on these individuals
  • Examine the relationship between incumbent assessment results and job performance
  • Determine which data from the psychological test (scales) best predict the job performance.

The benchmark studies are most suitable for organizations with:

  • A large number of incumbents in a specific job or job family
  • A high-volume candidate selection needs
  • A well-defined performance appraisal.


  • Establish that the assessments predict performance in the organization's unique environment
  • Demonstrating ROI of the selection process       
  • Demonstrated relationship between the selection method and the level of performance. 

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Angelica Mogos, ENEL
The Selection & Interviewing Skills Course was full of valuable information and operational exercise for the selection and recruitment operation. Angelica Mogos, ENEL
Mihaela Apostoleanu, Oracle Romania
Hogan Assessment changed my perspective on the people I work with directly or on the colleagues with whom I work in mentoring and career development programs. It is simple to use, logical and friendly with the subjects of the feedback. Allows you to correlate the feedback with both the individual performance and with the average segment that fits. With many personality scales investigated, and the
Lory Kanceva, BASS
From our point of view, we can say that HART expertise in this area is a factor of recommendation, by the professionalism and seriousness in evaluating candidates. Regarding the organization of AC, the HART’s focus is to train the assessors, this factor representing one of the main ingredients in having a quality AC. In an AC every detail is important and we consider that HART’s
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