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Benchmark Studies (criterion-related validation research)

The idea behind this type of study is creating ideal applicant‘s profile on a basis of statistical analysis of the data of best employees and least successful ones on a given job position.

Steps of the project:

  • Identify a large sample of current incumbents
  • Administer the assessments to the incumbent sample
  • Collect performance data on these individuals
  • Examine the relationship between incumbent assessment results and job performance
  • Determine which data from the psychological test (scales) best predict the job performance.

The benchmark studies are most suitable for organizations with:

  • A large number of incumbents in a specific job or job family
  • A high-volume candidate selection needs
  • A well-defined performance appraisal.


  • Establish that the assessments predict performance in the organization's unique environment
  • Demonstrating ROI of the selection process       
  • Demonstrated relationship between the selection method and the level of performance. 

For more details about customized solutions and steps of the project, contact us here.

Samson Gabriela, Dr. Reddys Laboratories Romania
An interactive, constructive and practical course. Trainer`s attitude is to be acclaimed. I'm sure I will get the best results if I will apply what I learned during this course.
Mariana, Consultant HR
The Hogan evaluation tools are one of the most analytical and detailed tools with which I had the opportunity to work, offering allot of accuracy in constructing an employee’s profile. What impressed me is the intuitive and easy way of interpreting the results and in seeing the interaction between the 3 main tools. For a generous vision in understanding an employee’s profile, I warmly
Alexandru Fulga, Consultant HRD Dezvoltare Resurse Umane
Hogan Assessment Systems is a complex assessment tool that generates a series of reports for both the personality inventory and also for identifying preferences and trends in certain situations. At the same time is an easy to use and helped me develop my new points of view. I recommend using Hogan methodology for projects that require a complex evaluation. Alexandru Fulga, Consultant HRD
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