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Job Analysis

Job analysis is the formal process of identifying the content of a job and job requirements in terms of activities involved and attributes needed to perform the work.

The purpose of the job analyses is to provide information to organizations that helps them determine which employees are best fit for specific jobs.

Through job analysis, we help you understand:

  • Which are the important requirements of a job and how they are accomplished
  • The human qualities needed to complete the job successfully.

Job analysis is a crucial first step for helping organizations to select and develop their employees in order to maximize talent.

We take this process very serious by combining scientific tools and our business experience in order to offer the best outcome for our clients.

Methods we used in the Job Analysis process:

  • The Job Evaluation Tool (JET) from Hogan Assessments is a job analysis system designed to identify personal characteristics and competencies required by jobs
  • Interviews and focus groups with Subject Matter Experts (job incumbents, supervisors, managers, HR persons, peers, etc.)
  • In field observations
  • Document analysis

Benefits of conducting a job analysis/job evaluation process:

  • Rigorous and efficient selection process based only on the relevant criteria for job performance
  • Competency map of what is needed to perform and a clear direction of what to develop on your employees
  • A good starter for the alignment of the criteria required in the job, selection and performance appraisal and possibility to implement selection benchmarks.

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Bayer Team
Daniela Cosma: The workshop was extremely useful, on both professional and personal dimensions. Each of the team members gave honest, confidential feed-back on the others, without any tensions and in a constructive way. Since they came back from the workshop, there were obvious efforts made by each one of them regarding the path to improve their behavior and the way they work together. Mihaela
Mihaela Feodorof, Executive Coach and Business Consultant, www.performanceway.ro
I have used Hogan Assessments in organizational development or individual development projects for the past 10 years. The profiles help me identify opportunities and propose the right solutions, but what’s most important is that they are embraced by the client. Hogan Assessments is an X-Ray of the way in which behaviour is corelated with the person’s objectives. The Hogan Certification
Samson Gabriela, Dr. Reddys Laboratories Romania
An interactive, constructive and practical course. Trainer`s attitude is to be acclaimed. I'm sure I will get the best results if I will apply what I learned during this course.
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