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Validity Generalization (Hogan Assessments)

The Validity Generalization process is a method of establishing a benchmark by relying upon benchmarks from other studies.

The philosophy of this approach is that there are components of jobs that could be found in other jobs within other organizations. Using previous criterion related validity evidence from the Hogan Archive it could be aimed at any type of job and specific requirements.

Steps of the project:

  • Analyze the target job based on expert input, job documents, and Job Evaluation Tool (JET) from Hogan Assessment
  • Use the Hogan Archive to identify the tests scales predictive of the characteristics and competencies considered critical to successful performance
  • Establish job-specific candidate selection guidelines (benchmarks and scales).

Most suitable for organizations:

  • Growing companies of all kinds
  • Medium size companies that want to improve the selection process
  • Organizations that innovate a lot and where jobs and job requirements change fast.


  • A customized selection solution for specific needs of an organizations and more relevant than an off-the-shelf solution
  • Easy to implement in terms of costs and resources
  • Improving the efficiency of the selection process.

For more details about customized solutions and steps of the project, contact us here.


Roxana Tronaru, BRD - Groupe Societe Generale
We worked with the HART Consulting team in order to develop role-playing exercises – part of the AC for the BRD GSG. From the beginning, the consultants were very receptive to our needs, we built along the project structure and we communicated effictively throughout it. In the follow-up sessions, experts from Hart have shown the ability to easily identify items that need improvement or
Oana Condruz, HRM, British American Tobacco
Multumim companiei Hart Consulting pentru colaborarea de pana acum si o recomandam cu incredere, datorita echipei sale, care impresioneaza prin vasta experienta si cunostintele solide in domeniu.Calitatea si profesionalismul acestei echipe ii recomanda ca fiind unii dintre cei mai competenti specialist pe zona de organizare si administrare centre de evaluare, precum si pe cea de evaluare
Ovidiu Neagoe, Biz Magazine
There is no news to anyone that stress has made its way, slowly, from the beginning of the economic crisis, in all offices in the country. We could easily say that we are used to it. But you think you know yourself so well and you are able to identify with certainty what behaviors occur in fatigue and stress conditions at work? Well I had the same belief before taking the Hogan Assessments suite.
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