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Cognitive ability tests

There is lot of scientific evidence that shows that cognitive abilities are the most common and the most general predictor of job performance. This is why it is a common practice to use cognitive ability tests in the selection process.

The role of the cognitive ability tests varies from job to job and could have a lower importance in the top of the organization (for leadership roles).

Lower importance doesn’t mean that these tests are not important at all, but there are other characteristics like personality traits and leadership derailments that really make the difference between a high performance manager and an average one.

Cognitive ability is a generic term describing important aspects such as: processing information, analyzing and solving problems, operating easily with words or numbers, adapting and responding adequately to different, new, complex situations etc.

Our cognitive ability tests are professional tools developed by worldwide top experts in the field of cognitive assessment and they are based on the modern practice of psychometrics.

Cognitive ability tests could be used successfully for:

  • Entry level positions like trainees
  • Engineers
  • IT specialists
  • Sales & customer care people
  • Financial & Accounting specialist jobs
  • Clerks etc.

For more details about cognitive ability tests and available reports or any other solution for your type of industry and personnel, contact us here.

Oana Condruz, HRM, British American Tobacco
Multumim companiei Hart Consulting pentru colaborarea de pana acum si o recomandam cu incredere, datorita echipei sale, care impresioneaza prin vasta experienta si cunostintele solide in domeniu.Calitatea si profesionalismul acestei echipe ii recomanda ca fiind unii dintre cei mai competenti specialist pe zona de organizare si administrare centre de evaluare, precum si pe cea de evaluare
Mariana, Consultant HR
The Hogan evaluation tools are one of the most analytical and detailed tools with which I had the opportunity to work, offering allot of accuracy in constructing an employee’s profile. What impressed me is the intuitive and easy way of interpreting the results and in seeing the interaction between the 3 main tools. For a generous vision in understanding an employee’s profile, I warmly
Monica Dinca, Acvatot
Thank you, Rodica, because I rediscovered how wonderful are the people and that putting trust in them and giving them the space, they can deliver unexpected results. Congratulations HART for such a professional training session. Monica Dinca, HR Manager Acvatot
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