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Personality and performance are complexly linked, and personality has proven to have a direct influence on individual's leadership ability and style, team performance, and overall organizational effectiveness. Certain personality behaviors can positively or negatively affect the ability to form and maintain effective relationships with others, make good decisions, manage stressful situations or propose an articulated agenda to others. Consequently, the personality has a direct impact on leadership and organizational effectiveness in general.

The benefits of proper selection process:

  • Facilitate “Positive Job Fit”
  • Promotes performance and productivity
  • Competitive advantage

Hogan Assessments tools are approved by the Romanian Psychology Collegium.

Express Report 
The Express Report is based on a candidate’s scores on seven dimensions that influence occupational success within seven job categories. This off-the-shelf report provides an immediate recommendation based on the assessment results that will identify each candidate as high, moderate or low fit for the job opening. Additionally, the report identifies the candidate’s strengths, areas of concern and interview style. Different characteristics are important for success in different jobs, and characteristics that are important in one job may interfere with performance in others. See the seven job families

High potential report 
This report summarizes the candidate’s assessment results from the Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI), Hogan Development Survey (HDS), and Motives, Values, Preferences Survey (MVPI) mapped to the Hogan High Potential Competency Profile. The ratings provide a hiring manager with additional information about a candidate’s potential to meet the requirements associated with competencies in the profile. The interview guide offers questions that can be used to further probe competency behaviors. Download Sample 

Safety report
The report is organized in four sections. The first section defines the six components of safety-related behavior and then provides a graphic summary of the candidate’s assessment results across those six components. The second section is an optional reporting feature that can be selected by the user. It provides an overall safety score for the candidate. The third section is an optional reporting feature that can be selected by the user. It provides information regarding development areas for persons with moderate to critical scores on the safety-related components. The last section is an optional reporting feature that can be selected by the user. It concerns the candidates’ overall desirability as an employee, which is defined in terms of three broad components of performance. The report then provides a graphic summary of the candidate’s overall desirability. Download Sample 

Leader BASIS
The Leader BASIS Report is an off-the-shelf solution that identifies candidate’s strengths and potential areas of weakness for leadership roles, providing a hiring recommendation. Download Sample 

The Sales BASIS Report is an off-the-shelf, validated solution for hiring high revenue-generating sales professionals, used for a broad range of sales jobs across industries. Download Sample 

For more details about personality assessment and available reports or any other solution for your type of industry and personnel contact us here.

Ana Georgescu, MediaPro Interactiv
Very well organized and structured Selection & Interviewing Skills course offered me the chance to learn and develop new skills and competencies. Ana Georgescu, MediaPro Interactiv
Bayer Team
Daniela Cosma: The workshop was extremely useful, on both professional and personal dimensions. Each of the team members gave honest, confidential feed-back on the others, without any tensions and in a constructive way. Since they came back from the workshop, there were obvious efforts made by each one of them regarding the path to improve their behavior and the way they work together. Mihaela
Dr. Carmina Smith, Ewopharma AG Romania
I can recommend Mrs. Rodica Obancea without reservation as an extremely proficient and valuable coach. I was impressed with Rodica’s dedication and enthusiasm, and with the quality of her work. The coaching program supported me and my team to grow towards superior business results. Dr. Carmina Smith, Country Manager Ewopharma AG Romania
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