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BRUMM Consult

BRUMM Consult

Having Partners with significant experience in activities Consultancy, Training & Development, Recruitment & Executive Search, and management in multinational companies, international or local BRUMM Consult always brought creative approaches own programs and projects, which allowed us to increase quality standards in the delivery of our services.

In this context, we mention:

  • Own concept of open courses "Euromangement School" (2006)
  • Integrated Training & Development programs in the series "LOTUS", which promoted the organization, employee development as a concept with focus: Team - Communication, Leadership (2008)
  • "Briefcase Technology Development" - continued development of individual employees and teams based on a concept: training - practical themes, workshops, training and mentoring on the job (2009).
  • "Intelligent Executive Search" (2012), in which we have developed an integrated system of recruitment, selection and executive search, training focused on basic needs delivered to selected candidates entering the new positions and / coaching to the new employees, to increase the success rate of success in such projects.

With significant resources, including trainers, coaches and consultants located in various parts of the country - Brasov, Bucharest, Sibiu, Tg. Mures, Bacau, Piatra Neamt, Constanta, we can cover projects in any location in the country.

Industries: Energy - Oil & Gas, Pharma, Medical Services, Banking & Insurance, Automotive, hospitality & tourism, IT & Call Center, Textile - Garments, Retail, Distribution, Manufacturing, Government & Public Service, Media.

Training programs: Management, Leadership, Communication, Sales, Development team (including team building), Project Management, Entrepreneurship, Financial, integrated packages LOTUS Series - Leadership, Team, Sales, Practical (finance, middle management), Hospitality (they are adapted, both as structure and as a form, the client company's requirements).

Consultancy: Human Resources, Career Development, Organizational Development, Marketing - Public Relations.

Since 2008, we are distributors HART Consulting and certified in the use of assessments instruments Hogan Assessments Systems.

Alina Sincan, Danfoss District Heating
I would like to recommend Mrs. Rodica Obancea, with whom I have worked during last year, first as my personal coach and in the last 2 months as coach for my management team. We have started our cooperation 3 months before taking my new managerial position and at the final of our session, I succeeded to reach all the objectives agreed. The transition to my new position was smoothly and my
Ramon Grigorescu, Siemens
Eu sunt un psiholog organizational, angajat ca Recruitment & Development Manager in departamentul CP al Siemens Romania si, in ceea ce priveste utilizarea evaluarilor Hogan, pot spune ca am folosit Hogan Assessment Systems din 2008, si anume HPI, HDS, MVPI si integrat sistemul Hogan, ca parte a evaluarii noastre standard inainte de promovare pentru pozitii de top management si specialisti
Cristina Dumitru, HR Manager, Bitdefender
I recommend Hogan Assessments to any HR professional, particularly for selection activities, as well as career orientation and development. The certification course offers a clear image on the tools and manages in just 2 days to build the abilities necessary for interpretation. I very much appreciated the professionalism of the HART consultant, as well as the focus on practical examples and
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