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Sales performance – Centype – is a sales performance oriented brand that offers complete and modular solutions, adapted to any sales team. Know-how and expertise tested, local and regional experience, guarantees and local and international certifications.

We provide to our collaborators and partners a generous range of business services, training and useful tools in any organization's efforts to maintain and improve their performance at an individual and organizational level.

Value for your money

We work to provide value, even more than your expectations. We are partners, not sales people. We offer tips, ideas, guides and we work with the purpose that you all feel the difference. We are not interested in money, we are interested to become part of your business, not a foreign expansion.

Our services:

  • Consultancy and optimization processes for Sale and Customer Care – we differentiate by the ability to scale, size procedures for organizations between small, medium or large;
  • Practical seminars and customized courses: Sales Management, Customer Care, Retail, Soft Skills - differentiate the applicability of the information and techniques transmitted continuously to maintain our work;
  • Tools for managing and improving sales teams: Microsoft Dynamics CRM - we offer the best solution and the most secure, technical and operational;
  • Tools for assessing and monitoring the quality of services: CSI index , Mystery Shopping - differentiate by mode of work, we offer a complete package of: Measurement, Analysis, Proposing measures and Adjustments.
Theodor Filos, VIP Romania
An interactive course, a real quality content that supports human resource professionals with clear and concise examples and methods that can effortlessness and make more efficient the recruitment process. Theodor Filos, VIP Romania
Georgiana Bajinaru, Avia Motors - Alto Syncro Grup
The first project that we worked together was to organizing and implementing an assesment center. Since the inception of the project untill the end of it, the things have developed in a professional manner.The way we worked with the Hart specialist on that project, convinced us to continue working for others projects too. Now the Hart company is a reliable partner for our human resources
Bayer Team
Daniela Cosma: The workshop was extremely useful, on both professional and personal dimensions. Each of the team members gave honest, confidential feed-back on the others, without any tensions and in a constructive way. Since they came back from the workshop, there were obvious efforts made by each one of them regarding the path to improve their behavior and the way they work together. Mihaela
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