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Leader Focus Report

Raportul Leader Focus este un instrument util pentru constientizarea modului in care personalitatea, motivatiile si valorile unei persoane impacteaza stilul managerial adoptat, pentru a utiliza punctele forte si gestiona provocarile generate de o anumit abordare, astfel incat sa creasca eficienta manageriala per ansamblu.

Continut raport:

  • Evidentiza orientarea lider-ului: focus pe rezultate, focus pe relatii, focus pe implementare, focus pe idei, focus pe influentare, focus pe informative
  • Sugestii de dezvoltare
  • Evidentiaza bias-urile persoanei.

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Camelia Mindroiu, Director de dezvoltare, B.Braun Avitum
In ultimii 2 ani am derulat impreuna cu compania Hart Consulting proiecte complexe la nivel de management si angajati cheie pentru care am desfasurat impreuna actiuni de dezvoltare organizationala.Am apreciat indeosebi faptul ca Hart Consulting a demonstrat abilitati excelente de project management, totodata dand dovada de abilitati superioare de analiza a datelor si transpunerea acestora in
Marius Dobre, Online Project Manager, Revista Cariere
Coaching Skills for Managers course helps you see business and performance from a new perspective. It helps you get one step back and see the big picture. It helps you to understand that although it's hard to leave the reins in hand, long term results you will prove that you made the right choice. Marius Dobre, Online Project Manager, Revista Cariere
Daniela Dochita, Raiffeisen Banca pentru Locuinte
The course has a goal that most participants have found, with the amazement and the delight that can offer you the fact of finding your own self in a new light. More specifically, changing perspective and the ability to see a situation from another angle. This helps you become a more effective manager in relation with colleagues and subordinates, to better capitalize your team by putting trust in
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