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Leadership Potential Report (HPI)

The Potential Report outlines an individual's day-to-day leadership style, including behavioral descriptions, leadership competencies, and comprehensive development recommendations. 

The Leadership Forecast Potential Report describes your strengths and developmental needs as a manager and executive. The report is based on the Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI), and is organized in terms of seven dimensions; each dimension addresses a different component of leadership performance. Leadership concerns building and maintaining a high-performing team, while getting people to forego individual goals to take on group goals.

The Adjustment scale reflects the degree to which a person is calm and even tempered or conversely, moody and volatile. High scorers seem confident, resilient, and optimistic. Low scorers seem tense, irritable, and negative.

The Ambition scale evaluates the degree to which a person seems leaderlike, seeks status, and values achievement. High scorers seem competitive and eager to advance. Low scorers seem unassertive and less interested in advancement.

The Sociability scale assesses the degree to which a person appears talkative and socially self-confident. High scorers seem outgoing, colorful, and impulsive, and they dislike working by themselves. Low scorers seem reserved and quiet; they avoid calling attention to themselves and do not mind working alone.

The Interpersonal Sensitivity scale reflects social skill, tact, and perceptiveness. High scorers seem friendly, warm, and popular. Low scorers seem independent, frank, and direct.

The Prudence scale concerns self control and conscientiousness. High scorers seem organized, dependable, and thorough; they follow rules and are easy to supervise. Low scorers seem impulsive and flexible. They tend to resist rules and close supervision; however, they may be creative and spontaneous.

The Inquisitive scale reflects the degree to which a person seems curious, adventurous, and imaginative. High scorers tend to be quick-witted and visionary, but they may be easily bored and not pay attention to details. Low scorers tend to be practical, focused, and able to concentrate for long periods.

The Learning Approach scale reflects the degree to which a person enjoys academic activities and values education as an end in itself. High scorers tend to enjoy reading and studying. Low scorers are less interested in formal education and more interested in hands-on learning on the job.

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  • Leadership Potential Report (HPI) - HART ConsultingLeadership Potential Report (HPI) - HART ConsultingLeadership Potential Report (HPI) - HART ConsultingLeadership Potential Report (HPI) - HART Consulting
  • Leadership Potential Report (HPI) - HART Consulting
(Ramon Grigorescu, Siemens)
Eu sunt un psiholog organizational, angajat ca Recruitment & Development Manager in departamentul CP al Siemens Romania si, in ceea ce priveste utilizarea evaluarilor Hogan, pot spune ca am folosit Hogan Assessment Systems din 2008, si anume HPI, HDS, MVPI si integrat sistemul Hogan, ca parte a evaluarii noastre standard inainte de promovare pentru pozitii de top management si specialisti
(Irina Zamosteanu, Ceramica Iasi)
Ceramica Iasi started working with HART Consulting since 2007, common activities focusing both on the recruitment and selection of candidates for various key positions, and the advice and psychological testing. In this way we got in contact with Hogan Assessment Tool, a preformat assessing tool, highly efficient, which formed a solid basis for identifying and recognizing the strengths and
(Alexandru Fulga, Consultant HRD Dezvoltare Resurse Umane)
Hogan Assessment Systems is a complex assessment tool that generates a series of reports for both the personality inventory and also for identifying preferences and trends in certain situations. At the same time is an easy to use and helped me develop my new points of view. I recommend using Hogan methodology for projects that require a complex evaluation. Alexandru Fulga, Consultant HRD
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