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Leadership Values Report (MVPI)

The Values Report explores a person's core values and goals that ultimately drive a leader’s behavior, aspirations and expectations about life. What a person values determines how he/she will lead; this determines the kind of environment a leader will create and the sort of organizational culture the person will do the best work.

The Leadership Forecast Values Report is based on your scores on the ten scales of the MVPI. Those scales are defined below.

Recognition - Indifferent to Visibility vs. Wanting to be Noticed unconcerned about official attention; high scorers seek the spotlight.

Power - Indifferent to Achievement/Competition vs. Being Perceived as Influential Driving to achieve results, control resources, and gain responsibility. Low scorers are willing to follow; high scorers want to take charge and make a difference.

Altruistic - Valuing Self-Help vs. Wanting to Help the Others Wanting to help people who are struggling or in need. Low scorers believe in self-reliance; high scorers selflessly extend help to others.

Affiliation - Independent vs. Wanting Social Contact Seeking opportunities to build social networks and collaborate with people. Low scorers prefer to work alone; high scorers search for interaction and social acceptance.

Tradition - Valuing Progress and Change vs. History and Convention Respecting structure, rules, and authority. Low scorers challenge the status quo and are open to change; high scorers respect hierarchy, authority, and the ways of the past.

Security - Risk Tolerant vs. Risk Averse Wanting stability, structure, and order. Low scorers easily tolerate uncertainty and risk; high scorers value defined clarity and predictability.

Commerce - Indifferent to Financial Matters vs. Focused on Commercial Outcomes Seeking wealth and financial success. Low scorers have modest financial aspirations; high scorers pay close attention to financial matters.

Aesthetics - Practical vs. Creative Creating work products with a focus on innovation, style, and appearance. Low scorers care about functionality; high scorers care about creative self-expression and the look and feel of their work.

Science - Intuitive vs. Analytical Preferring a rational, objective approach to decision-making. Low scorers prefer quick, intuitive decisions; high scorers prefer deliberate, data-based decisions.

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  • Leadership Values Report (MVPI) - HART ConsultingLeadership Values Report (MVPI) - HART ConsultingLeadership Values Report (MVPI) - HART ConsultingLeadership Values Report (MVPI) - HART Consulting
  • Leadership Values Report (MVPI) - HART Consulting
(Adriana Pirvu, Learning & Development Coordinator Cargill Romania)
We hereby confirm our successful collaboration with HART Consulting that represents Hogan Assessment Systems International Company in Romania & Republic of Moldova. Starting the beginning of 2011 Hart Consulting becomes a strong partner for Cargill in Romania. We appreciate their tools and services because they are perfectly integrated within our HR processes such as selection, management
(Irina Zamosteanu, Ceramica Iasi)
Ceramica Iasi started working with HART Consulting since 2007, common activities focusing both on the recruitment and selection of candidates for various key positions, and the advice and psychological testing. In this way we got in contact with Hogan Assessment Tool, a preformat assessing tool, highly efficient, which formed a solid basis for identifying and recognizing the strengths and
(Mihaela Flamaropol, Raiffeisen Bank)
In our company we use assessment Hogan instruments almost a year now, and we used it for both our colleagues proposed for promotion as well as external candidates for managerial positions. It has been established a correlation between the bank and the competence scales of HPI and HDS assessment tools, the profile of the person assessed has been observed and thus it were identified the areas for
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