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Advantage Report (HPI)

The three scales of the Hogan Advantage Report are defined as follows:


This scale concerns being a good organizational citisen by following rules, accepting supervision, exercising self-control, finishing assignments, and avoiding unnecessary risks. Persons with high scores tend to be consistent, reliable, and self-disciplined. Persons with low scores tend to be impulsive, distractible, and possibly non-conforming.


This scale concerns the degree to which a person seems calm, even-tempered, and good humoured. Persons with high scores seem to handle stress and pressure well by remaining steady, composed, and unruffled, and they tend to exert a calming influence on others. Persons with low scores tend to be tense, moody, and sensitive, and their performance may suffer when they are stressed.

Customer Focus

This scale concerns the degree to which a person can provide good customer service when it is appropriate; it is not about being charming or friendly—many introverts are good at customer service and many extraverts are bad. Persons with high scores on this measure tend to be calm, courteous, civil, and patient. Persons with low scores tend to seem inattentive, distracted, tense, and possibly abrupt.

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  • Advantage Report (HPI) - HART ConsultingAdvantage Report (HPI) - HART ConsultingAdvantage Report (HPI) - HART Consulting
(Ramon Grigorescu, Siemens)
Eu sunt un psiholog organizational, angajat ca Recruitment & Development Manager in departamentul CP al Siemens Romania si, in ceea ce priveste utilizarea evaluarilor Hogan, pot spune ca am folosit Hogan Assessment Systems din 2008, si anume HPI, HDS, MVPI si integrat sistemul Hogan, ca parte a evaluarii noastre standard inainte de promovare pentru pozitii de top management si specialisti
(Adriana Pirvu, Learning & Development Coordinator Cargill Romania)
We hereby confirm our successful collaboration with HART Consulting that represents Hogan Assessment Systems International Company in Romania & Republic of Moldova. Starting the beginning of 2011 Hart Consulting becomes a strong partner for Cargill in Romania. We appreciate their tools and services because they are perfectly integrated within our HR processes such as selection, management
(Alexandru Fulga, Consultant HRD Dezvoltare Resurse Umane)
Hogan Assessment Systems is a complex assessment tool that generates a series of reports for both the personality inventory and also for identifying preferences and trends in certain situations. At the same time is an easy to use and helped me develop my new points of view. I recommend using Hogan methodology for projects that require a complex evaluation. Alexandru Fulga, Consultant HRD
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