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Insight (HDS) Report

Profilul de dezvoltare Hogan (partea intunecata a personalitatii) este singurul instrument business de evaluare a caracteristicilor personale care pot deraia cariere si impacta negativ performanta.

Evidentiaza ariile de dezvoltat pentru o persoana, care se manifesta plenar in momente de stres, tensiune, oboseala, care reprezinta deseori “puncte oarbe” pentru respectiva persoana.

Poate fi utilizat atat pentru dezvoltare cat si pentru selectie.

Continut raport:

  • Evidentiaza comportamentele exagerate, care pot deraia cariere si impacta negativ performanta
  • Evidentiaza implicaţii comportamentale.

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Alexandra Crihana, Oracle Romania
With participation in the Hogan certification assessment methodology made acquaintance of a complete tool in terms of information provided and reliable in terms of accuracy and validity of information obtained. It is a tool that can be used in various activities: promotion, recruitment, knowing better team, succession plans, development plans, plans motivation, etc. The tool is easy to handle
Mircea Vlastean, Henkel Romania
The course opens up the perspective of better understanding yourself in the sense that challenges you to do something new or in a different way, you learn know how to listen in order to understand the other. It helps you to structure the stages of coaching and provoke the one in front of you to leave with a result, and also the steps you must follow in order to achieve the desired objective
Stefana Spatacean, Royal Bank of Scotland
We have collaborated over the years with HART Consulting team in implementing several assessment centers for development purpose for both teams in the retail and in corporate areas. Consultant’s flexibility, attention to detail, professional manner by who reported each project, makes HART Consulting team a reliable partner. We warmly recommend HART team to support the evaluation and
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