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E-learning platform

Hogan ThinkBox is a premier online leadership resource, incorporating results from the Hogan Personality Inventory and the Hogan Development Survey. Build on your strengths, explore potential limitations, and maximize your career potential with our customized coaching and development tools. Hogan ThinkBox is a library of learning resources providing just-in-time, powerful tools for today’s busy employee. ThinkBox is relevant and succinct–distilling expert advice, experience, and templates into hundreds of engaging, to-the-point development resources that work in concert with an individual’s HPI and HDS results. The entire library is easily tailored to your organization’s competencies, providing your people with relevant resources, right now.

E-learning and e-coaching ThinkBox platform:

  • Available anytime, anywhere via web subscription
  • Searchable by competency, management issue, or Hogan scale
  • Right-sized, engaging, multi-media 
  • Easily tailored to your organization’s competencies

Development Dashboard

  • Tailored – All resources are organized by competency, management topic, or Hogan scale and can be customized to any competency or leadership framework. 
  • Personal – Integrated with ThinkBox is a robust personal development module that allows individuals and coaches to manage development progress.

ThinkFast Tips

  • Complete – Written for both underuse and overuse of over 60 business and leadership competencies.
  • Actionable – No “fluffy” advice. Tips are realistic, actionable, and provide step-by-step guidance on practical actions you can take.

Leader & Personal e-Coaching

  • Useful – Step-by-step coaching guides provide guidance on how to coach employees. Corresponding Personale Coaching is self-guided and intuitive.
  • Effective – Uses cognitive-behavioral coaching, a method shown to be more effective than traditional approaches to behavior change.

Toolkits & Templates

  • Practical – Provides guidelines and templates for common management and leadership challenges.
  • Time-Saving –Toolkit items include documents and presentations that can be customized and changed as desired.


  • Quick – All videos are two to six minutes in length, providing straight-forward tips and advice on topics relevant to your competencies.
  • Authoritative– Presenters are all experienced consultants, professors, and business leaders.

Demo: http://www.hoganassessments.com/sites/default/files/thinkbox/tbvideo/index.html

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  • ThinkBox - HART Consulting
Dr. Carmina Smith, Ewopharma AG Romania
I can recommend Mrs. Rodica Obancea without reservation as an extremely proficient and valuable coach. I was impressed with Rodica’s dedication and enthusiasm, and with the quality of her work. The coaching program supported me and my team to grow towards superior business results. Dr. Carmina Smith, Country Manager Ewopharma AG Romania
Georgiana Bajinaru, Avia Motors - Alto Syncro Grup
The first project that we worked together was to organizing and implementing an assesment center. Since the inception of the project untill the end of it, the things have developed in a professional manner.The way we worked with the Hart specialist on that project, convinced us to continue working for others projects too. Now the Hart company is a reliable partner for our human resources
Adina Sandor, Henkel Romania
Coaching skills course is an excellent choice for all managers who want to deepen their knowledge about coaching and gain new insights, both in business and in personal life. Adina Sandor, Recruitment and Development Manager Henkel Romania
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