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Gender Diversity in the Romanian Business: Who Should Lead?

29 Oct 2013

Gender diversity in business and, in particular, within the management teams has become a topic increasingly discussed in researches and also a social phenomenon especially in Western Countries.

HART Consulting together with its partners, Adina Bigas, ASEBUSS, and EXEC-Edu, initiated and carried a research on three pillars, looking the same time at the individual, organization and society

The results of the research will be presented at the event “Gender Diversity in the Romanian Leadership” which will take place on Wednesday, the 27th of November, at Elisabeta Restaurant.

What topics will be discussed?

  • What types of roles or jobs are best suited for men and women?
  • Do people have a less favorable attitude toward women than toward men in leader roles?
  • Research-based perspective: female leadership and male leadership or yin and yang in business
  • How can diversity be managed in organizations?
  • Is still leadership a male prerogative in the modern society?
  • Import practices and valuable lessons of the West: organizational practices regarding gender diversity

The event, moderated by Dana Deac, will have as speakers:

  • Crina Ilie, Europe Learning and Development Leader, Genpact
  • Monica Ene, Country Manager, Intel Romania Software Development Center (IRSDC)
  • Raluca Kisescu, Marketing Director, Avon
  • Sandra Pralong, President SynergEtica Foundation
  • Sorin Paslaru, editor-in-chief Ziarul Financiar
  • Alina Zarnescu, Human Resources Director, Xerox Romania
  • Sotiris Chatzidakis, Executive Vice President, CEO Clubs International
  • Lavinia Rasca, President, European Professional Women's Network Romania
  • Adina Bigas, Organizational Development Consultant
  • Madalina Balan, Managing Partner, HART Consulting

More details about the event and speakers.

"There are many myths about this topic, but few are confirmed. A priori the men in leadership positions are not better than the women. There are examples of incompetent leaders in both categories of gender. Between the quality of leadership and organizational outcomes is undoubtedly a strong intrinsic connection. It is shown in researches, but also intuitively where there are effective leaders, companies also grow, and where are ineffective leaders organizations fail.

We invite you to discover together more details about this topic at the event on the 27th of November", said Iuliana Manza, PR Coordinator HART Consulting.

Registration fee: 50 euro + VAT / person

  • 30% discount for early bird – subscriptions until the 8th of November 2013: 35 euro + VAT / person
  • 20% discount for groups of more than 3 persons: 40 euro + VAT / person

For registration: consulting@hart.ro, +40 21.310.54.57 / 59

(Roxana Tronaru, BRD - Groupe Societe Generale)
We worked with the HART Consulting team in order to develop role-playing exercises – part of the AC for the BRD GSG. From the beginning, the consultants were very receptive to our needs, we built along the project structure and we communicated effictively throughout it. In the follow-up sessions, experts from Hart have shown the ability to easily identify items that need improvement or
(Magdalena Vrajitoru, RBS Romania)
We have been developed and run with HART Consulting several assessment and development centers during 2007 and 2008. These projects goals were: Assessment of the managerial competencies for retail and corporate banking employees Selection for career progression (promotion) HART Consulting used different customized exercises, adapted to each profile of competencies. HART has conducted
(Mircea Vlastean, Henkel Romania)
The course opens up the perspective of better understanding yourself in the sense that challenges you to do something new or in a different way, you learn know how to listen in order to understand the other. It helps you to structure the stages of coaching and provoke the one in front of you to leave with a result, and also the steps you must follow in order to achieve the desired objective
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