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Why validity matters

02 Sep 2012

A quick-reference guide to understanding how validity relates to Hogan’s business model and marketing content.

  • The keys to success in business are money and people.
  • Personality psychology is about people
  • Personality measurement translates insights about people into numbers
  • Hogan pioneered the use of valid personality measures to make decisions about people in organizations.
  • Accordingly, validity is the cornerstone of Hogan’s continued success in the global assessment market.
  • Validity concerns hard evidence, open to public inspection and replication, that Hogan assessments predict non-test outcomes such as job performance.
  • Employers want to know the kind of person they will be dealing with at work. Hogan provides answers that are true (valid).
  • Why validity matters - HART ConsultingWhy validity matters - HART Consulting
(Roxana Tronaru, BRD - Groupe Societe Generale)
We worked with the HART Consulting team in order to develop role-playing exercises – part of the AC for the BRD GSG. From the beginning, the consultants were very receptive to our needs, we built along the project structure and we communicated effictively throughout it. In the follow-up sessions, experts from Hart have shown the ability to easily identify items that need improvement or
(Mircea Vlastean, Henkel Romania)
The course opens up the perspective of better understanding yourself in the sense that challenges you to do something new or in a different way, you learn know how to listen in order to understand the other. It helps you to structure the stages of coaching and provoke the one in front of you to leave with a result, and also the steps you must follow in order to achieve the desired objective
(Magdalena Vrajitoru, RBS Romania)
We have been developed and run with HART Consulting several assessment and development centers during 2007 and 2008. These projects goals were: Assessment of the managerial competencies for retail and corporate banking employees Selection for career progression (promotion) HART Consulting used different customized exercises, adapted to each profile of competencies. HART has conducted
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