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Hogan Advanced Feedback Certification

October 2020
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The Hogan Advanced Feedback Certification Workshop is designed for practitioners who are certified to use Hogan’s core suite of assessments and want to receive more extensive instruction and practice delivering effective Hogan feedback. In this workshop, you will analyze themes and connect scales across the Hogan profile. Skills acquired in this experiential workshop will prepare you to deliver high-impact Hogan feedback for your organization.



  • Refresh module on Hogan Assessments tools: HPI, HDS and MVPI  
  • Feedback Types
  • FRAME feedback model
  • Paradoxical scores in Hogan assessments and how to interpret
  • Deeper understanding of the dark side of personality, behavioral and leadership implications 
  • Practical advices about how to deliver feedback and coaching around the behaviors that arise in crisis situation (dark side)
  • How to use Hogan assessments in virtual onboarding


Before training

  • Pre-work module online on Hogan LMS (by invitation only)



  • 10.00- 13.00 - first module;
  • 13.00- 14.00 - lunch break;
  • 14.00- 18.00 - second module


Post training

  • International Certificate
  • Assistance provided by senior consultant during 1:1 session for each participant for Q&A (1 hour)
Lory Kanceva, BASS
From our point of view, we can say that HART expertise in this area is a factor of recommendation, by the professionalism and seriousness in evaluating candidates. Regarding the organization of AC, the HART’s focus is to train the assessors, this factor representing one of the main ingredients in having a quality AC. In an AC every detail is important and we consider that HART’s
Marian Ciuca, Prutul
Competence, solicitude, especially flexibility and not least confidentiality, top class tools and costs closer to the market of 2009. There are things that we wanted when we chose to appeal to HART company services for the 2 assessment centers that our company has held between September - November 2009. We found these qualities in them and they were confirmed by us during a collaboration that for
Dan Cârciumaru, HRBP Spitale & Senior Trainer, Regina Maria
The certification experience was very interesting and practical. I have already used Hogan Assessment in large projects in the company, and the profiling and feedback received profiles are well appreciated by colleagues, managers or non-managers. I await the meetings within the alumni club with great pleasure!
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