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Hogan Assessments Certification Fundamentals

November 2020

The two-day Hogan Assessments Certification Fundamentals Workshop provides a deep understanding of the Hogan tools and of how you can add more value in your Talent Management processes, by using scientific, validated psychometrics.  

It qualifies attendees to use the Hogan instruments in a range of organizational settings, including recruitment and onboarding, individual assessments, coaching, feedback and building high performing teams.

Numerous validity and ROI studies have demonstrated the contribution of Hogan Assessments to optimizing selection, identification of HIPOs, improving   leadership development, as well as enhancing team functioning.

All these, have led to prestigious institutions, such as the British Psychological Society, Buros Center for Testing, considering Hogan Assessments as a premium provider in personality assessment and predicting and raising performance.



  • The role of personality in selection and development programs 
  • Characteristics of psychometric tools: validity and reliability
  • Understanding the two facets of personality: day to day and (HPI) in VUCA times  (HDS)
  • Detailed interpretation of the Hogan profiles : HPI (bright side), HDS (dark side), MVPI (inside)
  • Interpretation of most common correlations between the three instruments (HPI, HDS, MVPI)
  • Hogan Assessments integration in Talent Management process: screening, selection, HIPOs, team development, leadership, development
  • Basic techniques for providing feedback and recommendations for development


Before training

  • Pre-work module online on Hogan LMS (by invitation only)


Schedule (each day):

  • 10.00- 13.00 - first module;
  • 13.00- 14.00 - lunch break;
  • 14.00- 17.30 - second module


Post training

  • Online assessment for graduation and getting the international certificate
  • 1:1 feedback session and assistance with a senior consultant for each participant (1 hour)
Mihaela Sincu, Organizational Development Manager, GoodStory
Since my certification in 2008, I have mainly used the methodology provided by Hogan Assessments, because of its versatility and because of the generosity of information provided by it. The instruments proved to be useful both in career counselling interventions, in personal and professional development, in talent management programmes, and also in processes of building homogenous teams. More
Irina Zamosteanu, Ceramica Iasi
Ceramica Iasi started working with HART Consulting since 2007, common activities focusing both on the recruitment and selection of candidates for various key positions, and the advice and psychological testing. In this way we got in contact with Hogan Assessment Tool, a preformat assessing tool, highly efficient, which formed a solid basis for identifying and recognizing the strengths and
Ioana, Talent Attraction & Development, Manufacturing
The certification session conducted by HART Consulting proved to be a real challenge. The fact that I had the opportunity to interpret the result of my own test changed my vision on the connection between human nature, leadership and performance. The open-ended conversations, the practical examples from the trainer’s own experience, and the active socializing with the other course
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