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Workshops to develop emotional intelligence (EQ)

Find out how much emotional intelligent you are and how you can develop

Who wouldn't want a higher level of emotional intelligence? Studies have shown that a high emotional quotient (or EQ) boosts career success, entrepreneurial potential, leadership talent, health, relationship satisfaction, humor, and happiness.

Fortunately, whereas IQ is very hard to change, EQ can increase with deliberate practice and training. This happens once we become aware where we need to start from and like this we can start improving the specific areas we need to develop.

During this program, participants will become self-aware about their current level of emotional intelligence, with the help from their own Hogan EQ profile and will discover during the one day workshop some efficient strategies to improve some specific emotional intelligence competencies.

 Steps of the Program:

  • Completion of the Hogan EQ and access to the personal profile, which highlights the level of development of each of the 6 competencies that form emotional intelligence. Each participant will receive his/her individual profile, which contains the scores for each competency, together with a narrative description of strong points and areas of development. 
  • Understanding personal profile and training emotional intelligence : 1 day workshop.  Besides understanding the personal profile, which represents the first stage in any development process, we will develop together the 6 competencies, in a dynamic and secure environment. Participants will work in small groups, in an interactive manner, will experiment, reflect and take decisions. The workshop is based on coaching methods, helping participants to approach new perspectives and to find new solutions, with an immediate applicability.

 The 6 competencies that build emotional intelligence:

  • Awareness - The degree to which a person seems in touch with his or her own emotions.
  • Detection - The degree to which a person seems aware of others’ emotions and thoughts.
  • Regulation - The degree to which a person seems able to maintain positive emotional states.
  • Influence - The degree to which a person seems able to intentionally affect others’ moods, thoughts, and behaviors.
  • Expression - The degree to which a person seems able to effectively communicate desired emotional states to others.
  • Empathy - The degree to which a person seems able to feel what others are feeling.
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(Stela Pop, Roto Romania)
Am participat la atelierele de dezvoltare a inteligentei emotionale si la o parte a celor de conversatii dificile si deja simt ca sunt capabila sa constientizez mult mai bine propriile trairi, propriile nevoi si, totodata, sa le comunic mai bine celorlalti. Este uimitor cat de simplu se poate rezolva un conflict sau o problema in mod constructiv, atunci cand raspunzi cu empatie si cu asertivitate.
(Romanita Chirca, Grampet)
Va multumesc sincer pentru acest "dus rece".  In mod concret, atelierele voastre mi-au amintit ca puterea si linistea izvorasc din lucrurile simple. Mi-am identificat nevoile si deja le tratez cu respect. Am inceput sa adresez ceea ce ma face vulnerabila astfel incat sa ajung sa functionez in integritate. Comunicarea asertiva prin dialog si/sau confruntare sunt esentiale. Este nevoie
(Belgin Bactali, Grampet)
Vreau sa va marturisesc ca acest atelier m-a ajutat sa imi gasesc calea spre o mai buna constientizare a propriilor mele valori si nevoi care imi asigura integritatea. Comunicarea asertiva mi-a schimbat discutiile in dialoguri si pentru asta simt nevoia sa va multumesc pentru oportunitatea de a participa la aceste seminarii. Recomand acest seminar tuturor celor care cred ca drumul spre succes si
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