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Hogan High Potential Talent 360

The competition for talent is fierce, and organizational success in the future is dependent upon finding and developing high potential leaders for key organizational roles.

The Hogan High Potential 360 (Hogan HiPo 360) is part of PBC’s multi-rater suite and is based on Hogan’s model of high potential talent. The Hogan HiPo 360 measures individuals against three integral components of leadership and supports organizations to develop their high potential talent.


  • Development of individual contributors or leaders who have been identified as high potential
  • Individual coaching programs to identify and develop specific capabilities for leadership foundations, emergence and effectiveness
  • Can be used in conjunction with the Hogan High Potential Talent Report to provide a deep understanding of the individual from both a personality and behavioural perspective


  • Uses Hogan’s research-based high potential talent model to develop talent
  • Identifies development opportunities to build a strong leadership pipeline
  • Highlights individual strengths and ranks areas of actionable development


(Andrea PETRE, Learning & Development Manager, Carrefour Romania)
Our collaboration with Hart Consulting and the use of Hogan Assessment tools dates back more than ten years ago, starting with the certification of a pool of HR specialists on talent acquisition and development. Afterwards, throughout the years, we've rolled out a series of projects together focused on leadership development for our middle and top management teams. Applying the Hogan
Georgiana Bajinaru, Avia Motors - Alto Syncro Grup
Primul proiect pe care am colaborat impreuna a fost organizarea si implementarea unui centru de evaluare. De la initierea si pana la finalizarea proiectului, lucrurile s-au derulat intr-un mod profesionist. Modul in care am lucrat cu specialistii Hart pe acel proiect ne-a convins sa continuam colaborarea si pe alte proiecte. Acum, compania Hart reprezinta un partener de incredere pentru
Irina Zamosteanu, Ceramica Iasi
Ceramica Iasi a inceput colaborarea cu HART Consulting inca din 2007, activitatile comune centrandu-se atat pe partea de recrutare si selectie de candidati pentru diverse pozitii cheie, dar si partea de consultanta si testare psihologica. Astfel, am intrat in contact cu instrumentul Hogan Assessment, un instrument performant de evaluare, extrem de eficient, care a constituit o baza solida
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