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Master Class: Unlocking Leadership

09 Noi 2017

The power of informed people decisions


Selection: let's do it right

  • HR toolkit: Personality and Judgment in predicting leadership competencies

Who should lead?

  • Common mistakes in identifying high potentials: emergency vs effectiveness factor
  • What is leadership about?
  • Case study: expectations of the workforce employability competencies in Romania



Ryan Ross, VP Global Alliances

Ryan has more than 20 years of experience across a wide range of industries. He has worked in numerous practices at Hogan over the last 14 years including the selection and development practices, as well as working with Hogan’s strategic alliances and partners around the world. Ryan has developed and implemented large scale, multi-level selection programs domestically and internationally, consulted with organizations on selecting people into new jobs, and on the use of personality based and future oriented job analysis. Ryan also has vast experience in validating and defending the use of personality assessments in the pre-employment context.

Ryan’s experience also encompasses leadership development, talent management, and succession planning projects. Considered an expert on leadership derailment and the use of assessments to help identify potential points of failure in current and future leaders, Ryan frequently speaks at conferences and invited sessions on the topic of Strategic Self Awareness. Practically, Ryan has experience integrating Hogan’s tools into various development programs at all levels of the organization, including the integration of data into larger development and succession planning processes.


Dustin Hunter, Senior Consultant with Hogan Assessments, US.

Dustin is the international distribution manager at Hogan Assessment Systems. He is primarily responsible for strategic planning and growth in Hogan’s indirect business channel. Dustin has designed and implemented leadership development programs, selection-based assessment systems, high-potential programs and other talent management activities across a wide variety of organizational applications.

Dustin works with key domestic partners, multinational consulting companies, and international distributors to integrate Hogan’s solutions into current business offerings (B2B). He also explores new alliance relationships in unrepresented geographies, and is responsible for negotiating contracts and forecasting growth for Hogan’s global network.



Attendance at the workshop is limited to the qualified titles (people managers with more than 3 years experience).

The seats at the workshop are limited. The participation fee is 250 euro plus VAT.

To book your seat or to get additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us at consulting@hart.ro


People managers with more than 3 years experience

(Magdalena Vrajitoru, RBS Romania)
Am elaborat si desfasurat cu HART Consulting mai multe centre de evaluare si dezvoltare intre anii 2007 si 2008. Obiectivele acestor proiecte au fost: Evaluarea competentelor manageriale pentru angajatii din banci si retail. Selectia pentru avansarea in cariera. HART Consulting utilizeaza diferite exercitii personalizate, adaptate fiecarui profil de competente. HART a efectuat trainingul
Alina Sincan, Danfoss District Heating
As dori sa o recomand pe d-na Rodica Obancea alaturi de care am lucrat pe parcursul anului trecut, mai intai in calitate de coach personal, iar in ultimele doua luni, in calitate de coach pentru echipa mea de management. Am inceput sa lucram impreuna cu 3 luni inainte de a prelua noua mea pozitie de management si, la finalul perioadei de lucru, am reusit astfel sa ating toate obiectivele
Theodor Filos, VIP Romania
Un curs interactiv de o reala calitate care vine in sprijinul profesionistilor din domeniul resurselor umane cu exemple clare si concise de metode ce pot usura si eficientiza procesul de recrutare. Theodor Filos, VIP Romania
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