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Development programs

It is a known fact that almost two-thirds of the people currently in leadership positions will fail. Their inability to build or maintain a team - the most common reason for their failure - is typically a function of certain dysfunctional interpersonal tendencies that can be identified through the HoganLEAD personality assessment process. Leadership is the most important topic in the social, behavioral, and organizational sciences.  

Our Management Development programs are based on the HoganLEAD leadership development reports which are the refine result of 30+ years of research and socioanalytic theory that identify competencies, derailers, and values of top leaders. We can identify the high-potential leaders within your organization, foster their professional growth and also evaluate leaders' impact on the climate and culture of an organization.

The Leadership Forecast Series is a world-renowned, premiere leadership development program that is ideal for developing leaders through proven psychometric research that distinguishes successful leaders from failed leaders. By using HoganLEAD, leaders fully understand their performance capabilities, challenges and drivers – the key to getting ahead.

When good leadership prevails, organizations and people prosper. Bad leadership is almost always accompanied by inevitable bankruptcies, corporate corruption, and business disasters.

How can assessments facilitate development?

  • Facilitate self awareness
  • Identify behavioral tendencies to keep, stop, and grow
  • Accelerate the coaching process
  • Identify gaps between rewards/desired conditions & behaviors
  • Reflect on motivations capable of impacting behavior
  • Predict performance in new jobs and novel situations

Step 1: Development “Towards What”?

  • Pinpoint key job competencies
  • Consider career aspirations
  • Define development targets

Step 2: Review Assessment Results. Based on results of Step 1 identify:

  • Strengths to better leverage
  • Strengths to cultivate
  • Behavioral tendencies to monitor

Step 3: Establish Development Targets. Based on results of Steps 1 & 2, create goals that are:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Realistic
  • Timely

Step 4: Define “success” and seek accountability. For each goal:

  • Define what “successful attainment” will look like
  • Find someone who can help you remain accountable
(Simona Ion, KBC)
We really appreciated the proactive and continuous communication with us from the consultants managing our businesses.(...) Following these projects we have not only established a long-term business partnership, but also a pleasant relationship with Hart’s team. Simona Ion, KBC
(Irina Iorga, Oracle Romania)
The interest to learn and obtain the Hogan certification came after studying the benefits this tool offers by providing a clear profile and focused on skills and individual preferences relevant for professional activity. Having a good validity it can be applied to a wide range of subjects generating relevant profiles for orientation and career development. The course is focused on the
(Alexandru Fulga, Consultant HRD Dezvoltare Resurse Umane)
Hogan Assessment Systems is a complex assessment tool that generates a series of reports for both the personality inventory and also for identifying preferences and trends in certain situations. At the same time is an easy to use and helped me develop my new points of view. I recommend using Hogan methodology for projects that require a complex evaluation. Alexandru Fulga, Consultant HRD
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