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Behavioral interview

Behavioral interview is a method used by recruiters to discover how the candidate acts in different situations. This method of interviewing is designed to gather relevant information about the applicant's qualifications and skills, identifying how they acted in some real situations in the past.

Behavioral interview aims to obtain information from the candidate's professional background. The only difference between the behavioral interview and reference checking is that the candidate himself is the source of this information. In formulating behavioral questions we must consider the particular situation, task, problem or question context, actions or inactions to that particular situation, task, problem or context and their impact.

Tips for preparing behavioral interview:

  • Focus the interview on the positive side. Providing the opportunity to talk about their success, candidates become more open to talk about their failures.
  • To capture those situations in which the candidate did not performed very well, start the question with a neutral statement. As an example, for stress tolerance, you can ask: "we have all experienced situations where stress was overwhelming, can you describe a similar situation in your work?"
  • Ensure that you will identify objective actions of the candidate, not feelings or opinions on the situation.

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