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Hogan Assessments Certification Fundamentals

November 2022

The Hogan Assessments Certification methodology workshop provides a deep understanding of the Hogan tools and how they can make more efficient the Talent Management processes. It qualifies attendees to use the Hogan instruments in a range of organizational settings including recruitment and induction, individual assessments, coaching and feedback and building high performing teams.

Numerous validity studies have demonstrated the contribution of Hogan tools to optimize selection process, correctly identifying of talents and successors, identifying strengths and areas of development at the individual level during employee's development programs, acceleration of coaching process as well as optimizing team working.

All these things have led to prestigious institutions such as the British Psychological Society, Buros Center for Testing consider Hogan Assessments as a premium provider in personality assessment instruments.

About Hogan

Global leader in personality assessment in talent management processes

  • Over 30 years of research and implementation of personality assessments
  • Hogan Assessments instruments are used by over 60% of Fortune 500 companies for assessing board teams, executives and managers
  • Over 3.5 million persons tested globally
  • Positive assessments from BUROS, British Psychological Society
  • Hogan Assessments instruments are certified by the College of Psychologists from Romania
  • Over 30,000 profiles in Romania, over 300 certified HR specialists

Hogan solutions can be used for the following talent processes

  • Selection of expert or management positions for fitting with the role and the team 
  • Promotion, identification of management potential and development for first time managers
  • Identification of high potentials and successors
  • Identification of development needs on individual and team levels
  • Executive assessment with Hogan and 360 feedback personality instruments
  • Coaching for managers
  • Onboarding
  • Organizational diagnoses by using a platform with 62 skills
  • Team dynamics workshops

What you learn from the Hogan certification

The two-day course (which includes the online learning mode before the interaction with the facilitator, manuals, subsequent LMS access for other free courses, access to the Hogan Elite Club local community and education and information materials) covers information about the in-depth interpretation of the 3 personality diagnosis instruments:

  • Personality inventory (refers to the personal potential), the HPI questionnaire is deemed as the golden standard in the assessment industry for the purpose of predicting occupational skills. The questionnaire comprises 7 primary scales (emotional balance, ambition, sociability, interpersonal sensitivity, prudency, intellectual curiosity, openness to learn) and 42 sub-items. The 7 primary scales predict the compatibility with several skills such as: emotional control, self-confidence, energy, result orientation, organization, creativity, strategic thinking, implementation orientation, skills for working with clients and people, leadership, teamwork.
  • Development inventory (refers to 11 counterproductive excessive behaviors which occur in situations of change, ambiguity, pressure, fatigue). HDS is the only questionnaire that is scientifically validated on a global level which predicts reactions in occupational contexts in situations of change, pressure, stress, about which Hogan has data that can cause failure in certain management positions. The 11 exaggerated behaviors are called the dark side of personality and are grouped into three categories: people distancing behaviors, seductive-aggressive behaviors and micro-management and submissiveness behaviors.
  • Values and preferences inventory - assesses 10 dimensions that provide information about the organization and department culture, and also about each person’s individual motivations. MVPI is a unique questionnaire that can provide valuable information for managers regarding the culture of subordinated teams and the motivational factors of each team member.

Benefits for participants

  • Individual Hogan Leadership Reports: PotentialChallengeValuesCoaching
  • Feedback session with a consultant from HART Consulting
  • Hogan Technical Manuals, example reports, brochures and research articles
  • Post-certification permanent support for difficult profiles interpretation.
  • Access to Hogan Elite Club community, a platform for continuous knowledge sharing and best practices.


Madalina Balan is specialized in organizational psychology, psychologist, senior consultant and managing partner at HART Consulting. Madalina is certified in Hogan Assessment methodology, being the trainer for Romania and Moldova in this methodology. With over 10 years` experience as a trainer and consultant in human resources, Madalina has managed various projects on talent management, selection and development for manifold Romanian and multinational organizations. In the last 8 years, HART Consulting has certified in Hogan Assessments more than 700 people.


For more details and seminar registration, please click here.

Certification seminar price: 2000 euro +VAT/person.

  • Hogan Assessments Certification Fundamentals - HART Consulting
(Mihaela Apostoleanu, Oracle Romania)
Hogan Assessment changed my perspective on the people I work with directly or on the colleagues with whom I work in mentoring and career development programs. It is simple to use, logical and friendly with the subjects of the feedback. Allows you to correlate the feedback with both the individual performance and with the average segment that fits. With many personality scales investigated, and the
(Andrea PETRE, Learning & Development Manager, Carrefour Romania)
Our collaboration with Hart Consulting and the use of Hogan Assessment tools dates back more than ten years ago, starting with the certification of a pool of HR specialists on talent acquisition and development. Afterwards, throughout the years, we've rolled out a series of projects together focused on leadership development for our middle and top management teams. Applying the Hogan
(Cristina Dumitru, HR Manager, Bitdefender)
I recommend Hogan Assessments to any HR professional, particularly for selection activities, as well as career orientation and development. The certification course offers a clear image on the tools and manages in just 2 days to build the abilities necessary for interpretation. I very much appreciated the professionalism of the HART consultant, as well as the focus on practical examples and
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