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We transform the potential in your organization into success, by growing people and developing leaders since 2006. We are a consulting company ... read more
Sales Team Development

Sales Team Development

Sales Team Development Everywhere, the sales activity is governed by the Pareto Principle (also known as 80-20 Rule): 80% of your profits come ... read more

HART Coaching Network

HART Coaching Network - is a network of independent coaches that includes top professional in the leadership development industry. The Coaches within ... read more

Diagnosis and develop of safety behaviors at work

Program Benefits: Corporate: Creating a safety driven culture Saving money (hospitalization, broken equipment, production breaks) Improving ... read more
Selection based on safety diagnosis-related behaviors in workplace

Selection based on safety diagnosis-related behaviors in workplace

Selecting candidates with a reduced predisposition to cause or to be part of accident and incidents represents the key to a safe ... read more

Join HART Coaching Network

We are looking for talented individuals with executive coaching and business experience to join the HART Coaching Network. Formal requirements ... read more

The value of values in selection

04 Iun 2013

Have you ever had a situation when a person is highly fit with the job but still leaves the organization within first 3 months? Or have you ... read more

How to Be an Efficient Leader?

04 Sep 2013

The problem of good leadership is more and more in the focus and it is not anymore an HR trend. Under the current economic situation, under the ... read more

How do Romanians see an efficient leader?

25 Oct 2013

Which characteristics define a good CEO, a top leader of the organization? Above many other topics, the one related to the study of leadership is most ... read more

Gender Diversity in the Romanian Business: Who Should Lead?

29 Oct 2013

Gender diversity in business and, in particular, within the management teams has become a topic increasingly discussed in researches and also a social ... read more

HART Consulting is partner of the Business Gala Awards 2014

10 Feb 2014

Business Review magazine will once again honor the greatest achievements of the local and international companies and entrepreneurs doing business in ... read more
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