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About HART

We transform the potential in your organization into success, by growing people and developing leaders since 2006. We are a consulting company ... read more
Screening Solutions for Blue Collars

Screening Solutions for Blue Collars

To be successfully as a production company, you need a highly skilled, flexible and committed work force. We can help you with this. Using our ... read more


Personality and performance are complexly linked, and personality has proven to have a direct influence on individual's leadership ability and style, ... read more
Customized solutions for selection

Customized solutions for selection

A customized solution for selection is specifically designed for a specific job from a specific organization. The selection method is calibrated for ... read more

Validity Generalization (Hogan Assessments)

The Validity Generalization process is a method of establishing a benchmark by relying upon benchmarks from other studies. The philosophy of this ... read more

Job Analysis

Job analysis is the formal process of identifying the content of a job and job requirements in terms of activities involved and attributes needed to ... read more

Banking Industry

Business Bankers & Credit Analysts Challenge: A family-owned bank wanted to improve its process for hiring Business Bankers and Credit Analysts. ... read more


A large automotive repair company used Hogan Assessments to select candidates into the manager role. After two years, they examined how well the Hogan ... read more


Hogan Assessments worked with a leading pharmaceutical company to better understand how personality impacted sales performance. Results showed that ... read more
New Manager Development Program

New Manager Development Program

Assumptions about this program If you are a new promoted manager or you are coordinating a new manager, taking the lead of a new team is a ... read more

HART Coaching Network

HART Coaching Network - is a network of independent coaches that includes top professional in the leadership development industry. The Coaches within ... read more

Diagnosis and develop of safety behaviors at work

Program Benefits: Corporate: Creating a safety driven culture Saving money (hospitalization, broken equipment, production breaks) Improving ... read more
HART Strategic Partners

HART Strategic Partners

Hogan Assessments  The international authority in personality assessment and consulting, Hogan Assessments has more than three decades of ... read more
Leader Focus

Leader Focus

According to Hogan Assessments Systems studies, over the past 30 years, in more than 40 countries, in all continents, only 30% of current high ... read more

Leadership Accelerator

Download Brochure Hogan for Leaders Development (Personality Assessments & 360 feedback) Leadership Development with Hogan Leadership Forecast ... read more
Hogan Assessments Certification Fundamentals

Hogan Assessments Certification Fundamentals

The Hogan Assessments Certification methodology workshop provides a deep understanding of the Hogan tools and how they can make more efficient the ... read more

Risky business

17 Iun 2013

Career success depends more on an individual’s ability to get along with his or her supervisor, peers, and employees than it does on intellect ... read more

The cost of a bad promotion

19 Iun 2013

Have you ever heard the story of a successful sales person, with great financial results who got promoted as a sales manager and failed? One year ... read more

Toxic Leadership - Jarrett Shalhoop

24 Mai 2013

Leadership is a driving force in organizational performance, both for good and for bad. While we typically think of leadership as a positive force, ... read more

5 Ways to Manage Creativity and Drive Innovation

02 Oct 2013

According to a study conducted by Adobe, a global producer of digital marketing and media tools, more than 80% of people believe that creativity is ... read more

High Potential in Romania

05 Mai 2014

This study was made for the use of our customers. Correctly identifying talents is a crucial process for organizational success. As recent studies ... read more
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