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Madalina Balan

The cost of a bad promotion

19 Iun 2013

Have you ever heard the story of a successful sales person, with great financial results who got promoted as a sales manager and failed? One year ... read more

HR Strategic Conference - the 6th Edition: Panel Discussion (2)

12 Iun 2013

HR Strategic Conference – the 6th EditionCEOs and organizational culture: what makes it or breaks it?  Panel Discussion: Jarrett ... read more

How to Be an Efficient Leader?

04 Sep 2013

The problem of good leadership is more and more in the focus and it is not anymore an HR trend. Under the current economic situation, under the ... read more

How do Romanians see an efficient leader?

25 Oct 2013

Which characteristics define a good CEO, a top leader of the organization? Above many other topics, the one related to the study of leadership is most ... read more
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