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Talent Management

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We transform the potential in your organization into success, by growing people and developing leaders since 2006. We are a consulting company ... read more


Our competences: 1. Talent Management 2. Screening Fresh graduate candidates screening Complex candidates screening solutions Selection ... read more

Talent management

Today's economy is a dynamic paradigm both in terms of people and organizations. The last years of changes and economic turbulence have highlighted ... read more
Leadership development through 360° feedback

Leadership development through 360° feedback

360° evaluation or multisource feedback is a method of evaluating employees using multiple evaluators inside the organization and outside the ... read more


Leadership Development Challenge: A worldwide leader in sportswear manufacturing contacted Hogan to design a talent management program. They ... read more

What is the Impact of a CEO on the Organizational Culture

09 Mai 2013

Values are those who define and guide our way in life. In all its areas: personal aspirations, interests, beliefs, career path. They tell us about ... read more
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