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Hogan Leader Focus 360

The Hogan Leader Focus 360 (Hogan LF360) is designed to develop self-awareness in those wanting to transition from Individual Contributor to Leader or for those in non-traditional leadership roles. It identifies the individual’s at-work behaviors in order to enable them to develop specific skills which will enhance their capability as a leader.

The Hogan LF360 identifies behaviors relevant to a range of leadership roles, not just restricted to traditional people leader functions. It captures responses regarding behaviors across six emerging leadership styles:



  • Can be used in conjunction with the Hogan Leader Focus Report which assesses a leader’s personality relevant to their leadership style
  • Development programs for teams, or groups of emerging or non-traditional leaders
  • Individual coaching programs to identify and develop specific skills which will enhance leadership capability
  • Can be accessed through a self-administered process or through our fully managed service


  • It provides a unique opportunity to obtain multi-rater feedback early on in one’s career
  • It focusses on behaviours that others are seeing and that contribute to self-awareness
  • It prioritises development areas for action
  • Combine with the Hogan Leader Focus Report for more comprehensive insight into leadership potential and performance
(Andrea PETRE, Learning & Development Manager, Carrefour Romania)
Our collaboration with Hart Consulting and the use of Hogan Assessment tools dates back more than ten years ago, starting with the certification of a pool of HR specialists on talent acquisition and development. Afterwards, throughout the years, we've rolled out a series of projects together focused on leadership development for our middle and top management teams. Applying the Hogan
Mihaela Feodorof, Executive Coach and Business Consultant, www.performanceway.ro
Folosesc de 10 ani Hogan Assessment in proiecte de dezvoltare organizationale sau individuale. Profilele ma ajuta sa identific oportunitatile si sa propun solutiile potrivite, dar ce este cel mai important poate este ca acestea sunt imbratisate de client. Hogan Assessment este o radiografie clara a modului in care comportamentele sunt corelate cu obiectivele persoanei. Certificarea Hogan este un
Marian Ciuca, Prutul
Competenta, solicitudine, dar mai ales flexibilitate si, nu in ultimul rand, confidentialitate, instrumente de clasa si costuri cat mai aproape de realitatile pietii din 2009. Acestea sunt lucrurile pe care le-am cautat atunci cand am ales sa apelam la serviciile companiei HART pentru derularea celor 2 centre de evaluare a competentelor manageriale pe care compania noastra le-a desfasurat in
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