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Leading on the Dark Side

In the past few months, individuals and organizations tried to adapt to the current context and perform as good as possible. Managers strived to deal with own counter-productive behaviors and their employees. It is more important than ever that during this COVID-19 crisis to understand the crucial role of leaders.
Therefore, how can you help your managers to become more aware of the impact they have on their own, families and teams, how can you help them train their coping strategies?

Our 2 hours webinar on “Leadership and Dark Side of Personality: Leading throughout crisis” was already validated by more than 100 managers during last couple of months and helped participants to identify own counter-productive tendencies, their leadership derailers and offer them resources and time to reflect. The webinar provides participants with coaching tips and valuable insights on how to identify this behaviors of their team members and how can provide support.

Please find the agenda below:

  • What we know about crisis and leadership
  • What is the “dark side” and what triggers these responses
  • 11 patterns of “dark side” behavioral responses
  • How to recognize own derailers and their consequences on others (teams and family)
  • Self -awareness & self -monitoring: practical advice on how to manage own derailments
Adriana Pirvu, Learning & Development Coordinator Cargill Romania
Confirmam prin acest mesaj colaborarea de succes cu HART Consulting, companie care reprezinta Hogan Assessment Systems International in Romania si Republica Moldova. Inca de la inceputul anului 2011, HART Consulting a devenit un partener puternic pentru Cargill in Romania. Apreciem instrumentele si serviciile oferite de HART Consulting, deoarece acestea sunt perfect integrate in cadrul
Marian Ciuca, Prutul
Competenta, solicitudine, dar mai ales flexibilitate si, nu in ultimul rand, confidentialitate, instrumente de clasa si costuri cat mai aproape de realitatile pietii din 2009. Acestea sunt lucrurile pe care le-am cautat atunci cand am ales sa apelam la serviciile companiei HART pentru derularea celor 2 centre de evaluare a competentelor manageriale pe care compania noastra le-a desfasurat in
Simona Ion, KBC
Am apreciat foarte mult proactivitatea si comunicarea permanenta a consultantilor care gestionau relatia cu noi. In urma acestor proiecte, am stabilit cu echipa Hart nu numai un parteneriat de business, ci si o relatie de durata. Simona Ion, KBC
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